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TX4T - French Polynesia on TB ...

15. února 2010 v 1:25 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports

TX4T - French Polynesia


9th to 25th February from Tahiti, DXCC entity = French Polynesia, all 9 HF bands, 160-10 m.
With feedback from recent operations from the 2 other FO DXCC entities, we changed our plans and we will stay in this more current country but we will make a strong effort on low bands (160 and 80 m) to try to address the many requests from all continents.
Entries in the WPX RTTY and in the ARRL DX CW contests are also planned as all operators are contesters.


1601831.5 down 5-101842 up
803503 or 35233790 down EU / up USA
407003 or 70237085 up7038 up
3010103 or 10108
10148 down
2014003 or 1402314170 up14088 up
1718073 or 1807818130 up18108 up
1521003 or 2102321280 up21098 up
1224893 or 2489824985 dwn24928 up
1028003 or 2802328490 up28098 up

Note : The CW listening frequency will always be up (except on 160m), starting at just 1kHz or 2kHz up depending on the pile-up size. However on 160m CW where the listening frequency will be down, the actual split will be announced.



It is planned to run two stations simultaneously:
  • K3/100 + Acom 1010 amplifier,
  • K3/100 + THP HL-1.1 Kfx solid state amplifier,
  • Dunestar and ICE band pass filters,
  • Keyers, paddles, CW /RTTY interfaces, boom-mike headsets.
  • One K3 as spare radio.


Planned antennas are:
  • 160 m inverted-L supported by 18m Spiderbeam pole, on the beach or in the ocean
  • 80 m phased array of 2 quarter wave verticals, l/8 spacing
  • 30/40 m vertical
  • 17/12 m vertical
  • 5 band Spiderbeam at 9 m.
  • Beverage or K9AY receiving antennas.

I am looking for them every nite even just to try if i will be able to hear them from my location but sri no beeps untill now.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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1 Petr Petr | E-mail | Web | 16. února 2010 v 1:57 | Reagovat

Actual activity reported on Topband reflector...

I listened last night as TX4T called CQ for more than an hour with very few
NA takers. He started just prior to 0600 UTC and was still going at 0700
UTC. He was on 1.8315 MHz and listening 5 Hz DOWN.

He seems to have no trouble hearing anyone calling him -- one call with 100
watts did it for me.

Tod, K0TO

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