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16. února 2009 v 19:11 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas

Hi all,

just few days ago I found very interesting informations about another solution for support of the wire antennas like Inverted L, verticals etc. specially on 160m.
Please read an article about the common pluggable mast-system which is very useful for portable, DX-pedition or fixed station usage. A smile-price solution of best surplus quality is promised by company owner Jürgen Simon,
The Material:
GRP - glass fibre reinforced plastic, one of the stablest material used in modern life. In this case here even with more stability through a special building technolgy. These poles are made from a glass-fibre-tape which was laminated shift by shift until a wall-thickness of 3,0mm (!) is achieved. The result is a ultra-stable tube perfect for our ham-radio use. The former mission of these masts was carrying tent-tarps. wall-thickness: 2,5mm minimum

Dimensions and weight
total length:1,30m - eff. length:1,20m
weight: ca.1 Kg - diameter: ca. 35 (+0,5)mm
wall-thickness: 2,5 mm+
3 = 3,60m / 4 = 4,80m / 5 = 6,00m / 6 = 7,20m / 8 = 9,60m / 9 = 10,80m

Contact information:
Jürgen Simon
Allerheiligengasse 6
99974 Mühlhausen/Thür.

Telefon/phone: +49(0)3601 405505


Steuernummer: 157/275/00178
USt.ID/VAT ID: DE254325193
I had no chance to test it but it seems very interesting at least. I am thinking about purchasing of set to test it for installation of Inv.L on the garden. Most important information is missing -> how much is willing to bend the mast on the top in case of lenght around 10m or more.
If anybody has an experiences with this mast then let us know over here please.
73 - Petr, OK1RP

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