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Switch mode rubbish on 1810 - 1860 kHz in UK

16. února 2009 v 18:41 | Petr, OK1RP |  Operation topics

maybe You are remember my article about forbiden frequencies on TB...

I asked all of You to let me know if some frequency is permanently unusable or QRMed in Your area to put it to the table .

This information arrived from John, G3PQA:

During the last month I have been hearing a new source of qrn which seems diffierent from the usual local switch mode rubbish. Only audible at night, and strongest on 90 deg. east beverage. Up to s7 at 2130z, s9 at 0130z, on east beverage and audible on all others. Not listened later in last couple of weeks, so dont know yet what time it disappears, but DF-ed it at 70 degrees - difficult to get accurate bearing as it is skywave. Sounds like power line qrn with phase distortion, a bit like the old Loran at a much higher frequency. Spreads from about 1810kHz to 1860kHz, strongest around 1839kHz.

I suspect it is coming from east UK or west EU, but difficult to locate without other reports.
Later on I will make recordings and try to DF from other locations.

Does anyone else hear it, (or have an idea of what it might be)?

Thanks 73
John G3PQA
If You have some similar experiences or even You know whais it then do not hesitate to email me to share with other Topbanders. Also please reply to John if possible.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | E-mail | Web | 16. února 2009 v 18:48 | Reagovat

Message from Carl, SM6CPY

I can agree with DJ5DT about the "beep" qrm on the lower part of the band.

In Sweden, I can hear 3 beeps. One strong, the second one a little weaker

and the third one very weak as if the signals were transmitted out into

three directions (or a fast rotating antenna is being used). The signals

have been there for years. I remember them from the 90´s. But, if I´m not

totally wrong, they were gone for a couple (?) of years. Some nights it´s

impossible to use frequencies below 1824. The signals are coming in from

the Baltic area but I don´t know what it is !

73 Carl/SM6CPY

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