Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

5J0T - Bajo Nuevo and Roncador Bank

25. října 2008 v 22:47 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
5J0T will be active from Bajo Nuevo and Roncador Bank
(HK0, San Andres region) between Nov 19 and Dec 02, 2008.
We will have a strong low band focus, similar to out 2007
VK9WWI operation. Operators will be HA7RY, HA8MT, HK3JJH
and AA7JV.

Plans are to operate from November 18 to 21 from Roncador Bank (IOTA NA-133), and between November 23 and December 02 from Bajo Nuevo (NA-132). Both reefs are part of San Andres region, HK0. The four person DXpedition will focus on low band operation, especially 160 meters, and will be operated by AA7JV, HA7RY, HK3JJH and HA8MT. (AA7JV and HA7RY were behind last year's VK9WWI Willis Islets operation.) The group will operate two stations from 160 to 6 m.

Bajo Nuevo is is a small reef that is part of Colombia (HK0) and is located 250 miles south of Jamaica in the central Caribbean. It is administered by the Colombian Navy. The reef contains a number of small barren sand cays, one of which carries a navigation light. The station will be setup on this cay. Antennas will be erected in the shallow water of the surrounding lagoon. (This is to save on radial wires! :-)

Roncador Bank is located 150 miles south-west of Bajo Nuevo.

The Bajo Nuevo (New Bank) is a shallow platform structure located 110 km east from Alice Shoal and 235 km southwest from Jamaica. The formation consists of two separate banks that are divided by a deep channel of 1.4 km in width. The eastern sides of both banks are marked by pronounced breaking reef crests that protect the shallow reef environments behind them. The reef was a part of the US military and was returned to Columbia in 1982.
Bajo Nuevo was re-discovered by the British Glover in 1660. Bajo Nuevo is about 26 km long and 9 km wide, covering km². The most prominent cay is Low Cay, 300 m long and 40 m wide. The reef was first shown on Dutch maps, dated to 1634, but first shown by here present name in 1654. In 1985 an American Expedition went to Bajo Nuevo in order to look for treasure ships. No more was heard about the 12 people. Till now it is unknown, if they found a treasure and went into the underground, or if they were murdered by pirates, operating in these area.
Today the cays are frequently visited by lobster fishers. A Lighttower, 69 ft high, stands on Low Cay (15N51, 78W38). Low Cay is about 5 ft high and barren. It is composited of broken coral, driftwood, and sand.

Electric power will be supplied by two generators. One will supply 120V and the other 230V for the amplifiers. 2 battery chargers and 4 batteries serve as backup.
The radios will be a Elecraft K3, an Icom IC-746PRO and a IC-706. We will have a Tokyo H.power amplifier with a homemede 2kW auto tuner and a SGC 500W amplifier with a matching auto tuner.
Antennas will be solely verticals mounted over salt water. We will bring two 18m and two 12m Spiderpoles. Six meter antenna will be DuneStar Rover 6 Quad.

5J0T QSL via HA7RY either direct or via bureau
Mailing address:
Tamas Pekarik
Alagi ut 15.
H-2151 Fot

More informations available on

Good luck on Top band.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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