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160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

ZS1JX with good sigs in OK land

25. září 2008 v 23:15 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports

Today I turned ON my radio a bit late
as I arrived at home around 19z.
When I tuned thru the Topband quickly
I found few weak JA's and some EU's
called CQ with no takers.
After that I heard very nice and copyable sigs on 1828 in QSO with
UA3EKG. Well it will be some EU like G or SM as their sigs are sometime
not so strong on my low Inv.V with apex 6m only i thought.
I was very surprised when I recognized Petr's call ZS1JX.
Petr came thru the noisy band tonite 559 and I was able to read
his CW sigs on K3 comfortably.
P. Jendrissik
Worcester West 6862
Who is interesting in the K3 setting during the receiving ZS on Topband
look here -> NB: DSP/t3-5, IF WID5, NR: 1-1, NTCH: 900, AGC SLP:7, THR:4
AGC-F, BW:150Hz.
73, Petr OK1RP

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Lexa, Ok1DST Lexa, Ok1DST | E-mail | 18. prosince 2008 v 0:18 | Reagovat

I finally used the similar settings  - AGC SLP:8, THR:4 - as declared by Peter as result of some testing. And also little CCW of RF gain knob....

My "record" - for now - is QSO with JA7NI running only 12W out from my K3/10 to 16m vertical with not so good radails (only 3x40M and 10x 12m).


L. -dst-

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