Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

VP9RI on Topband...who is who?

8. září 2008 v 17:52 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports

Former: Somers Islands

Overseas territory of the UK

Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Tourism to the island to escape North American winters first developed in Victorian times. Tourism continues to be important to the island's economy, although international business has overtaken it in recent years. Bermuda has developed into a highly successful offshore financial center.
Location: North America, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (USA)
Geographic coordinates: 32 20 N, 64 45 W
Climate: subtropical; mild, humid; gales, strong winds common in winter
Population: 65,773 (July 2006 est.)
Nationality: noun: Bermudian(s) / adjective: Bermudian
Languages: English (official), Portuguese
Capital: Hamilton
Administrative divisions: 9 parishes and 2 municipalities*; Devonshire, Hamilton, Hamilton*, Paget, Pembroke, Saint George*, Saint George's, Sandys, Smith's, Southampton, Warwick
National holiday: Bermuda Day, 24 May
Flag description:
red, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Bermudian coat of arms (white and green shield with a red lion holding a scrolled shield showing the sinking of the ship Sea Venture off Bermuda in 1609) centered on the outer half of the flag.
On 24Aug08 posted Peter, G4PUQ interesting article about his QSO with VP9RI on 160m...
(orig post as follows)
Hello All,
I worked VP9RI last night at 2217 on 1827. I heard him calling around 1813 about 10 mins earlier, he was weak and didn't reply to my call. On moving up the band I found him and had a quick exchange, some other Europeans worked him as well.
VP9 is my 91st DXCC on 160m and I am sure you can all appreciate the thrill of working a new one on the way to the magic 100 DXCC. BUT having searched the usual DX info pages for VP9RI info I have drawn a blank .....anyone know who it might be ?
A couple of things a remarkable about the QSO - having checked my grey line chart it seems I made a G-VP9 qso well before his sunset ( and in August). I had also been working on my new inv-L for the coming season yesterday afternoon and I made this QSO on the remaining vertical length of wire from the old Inv-L.
I'd love to think that this is one of my all time best Topband QSO's but......I'm not sure. Did you work VP9RI, do you have any QSL info, please drop me a line. So back to the new inv-L, if it stops raining and bring on the next 160m season? - Topband DXCC in 2009 perhaps !
73? Peter G4PUQ
PS I'm still trying to obtain a 160m QSL from PY7ZY, I've tried the address a couple of times and e-mail..but no luck - any ideas ?
Topband mailing list
As I never heard about this call I looked on the inet to find who is VP9RI and which setup he is using over here to understand if I have chance to work him also.
I was very surprised when I did not found any informations about VP9RI. Even the VP9 callbook
(see here ) do not know call VP9RI so it sounds like pirate on the band.
As I would not like to making sad Peter, G4PUQ > it will be nice to hear from another Topbanders if its true VP9 or not.
Let me know (to post it over here) if You have more informations about VP9RI and his operation on 160m band.
73 - Petr, OK1RP

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