Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Iota DX-pedition P29 2008 coming...

24. září 2008 v 22:36 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports

do You have P29 on Topband already confirmed? If You answered NO, then You should be QRV on band in the nearest future as DX-pedition to that area coming...
Dxpedition to three IOTAs:
OC-181 Garove - P29VLR (QSL via SM6CVX)
OC-041 Hermit - P29NI (QSL via G3KHZ)
OC-025 Manus - TBA (QSL via K6HFA)
Team: Al, AD6E - Derek, G3KHZ - Hugh, K6HFA - Luis, CT1AGF - Skip, W5GAI
K6HFA arrives Kokopo, East New Britain
Sat 11-Oct-08
Operation by K6HFA
Main team arrives Kokopo
Fri 17-Oct-08
Fly from Port Moresby
Overnight in Kokopo
Fri 17-Oct-08
Board Barbarian II
Sat. 18-Oct-08
Arrive Garove Island, Witu group
Mon. 20-Oct-08
Leave Garove Island
Sat. 26-Oct-08
Arrive Hermit Islands, Ninigo group
Tues. 28-Oct-08
Leave Hermit Islands
Mon. 03-Nov-08
Arrive Manus Island
Tues. 04-Nov-08
Overnight in Manus
Tues. 04-Nov-08
Start homeward trip
Main team fly to Port Moresby
Wed 05-Nov-08
Wed 05-Nov-08
Operation by K6HFA
Main team overnight in Port Moresby
Wed 05-Nov-08
No radio operation
Main team fly home
Thurs 06-Nov-08
K6HFA leaves Manus for home
Sun 09-Nov-08
Hugh, K6HFA will be making a longer trip and will stop in Tonga from 23 Sept to 11 October. From 12 - 18 October he will operate from OC-008. From 4 - 9 November he will operate from Manus, OC-025.
Operating frequencies
The first few days of the dxpedition will coincide with the Willis Island operation. So for this period at least we will use frequencies near to the recommended IOTA calling frequencies:
CW 28.040, 24.920, 21.040, 18.098, 14.040, 10.115 and 3.530MHz. SSB 28.560, 24.950, 21.260, 18.128, 7.055 and 3.755MHz
These charts have been created using HamCap
Logs will be updated at the end of DX-pedition.
QSL information:
P29NI via G3KHZ
Interesting is that DX-pedition has been communicated as "Low Bands" oriented but there are no 160m frequencies announced.
We hope to their operation over there as they shared latest informations as follows:
The P29 DXpedition to two rare IOTA's and activating P2 on 160 has an opening.
K6HFA, Hugh, has canceled because of some unfortunate circumstances.
Hugh is graciously leaving his $3000 (AUD) in the boat charter fund.
Who would like to replace Hugh? For $2067 (AUD) or $1730 (USD) plus your own
air fare (~$3000 USD), you can be a member the team. Anyone interested can contact
G3KHZ, Derek, or W5GAI, Skip, at
The P29 travel schedule is as follows:
Arrive Rabaul/Kokopo via Air Niugini Fri. 17-Oct-08 (or earlier.)
Board Barbarian II (sleeps 6 in A/C comfort) Sat. 18-Oct-08
Arrive Garove Island, Witu group OC-181 Mon. 20-Oct-08
Leave Garove Island Sat. 26-Oct-08 - Call P2VLR
Arrive Hermit Islands OC-041 Tues. 28-Oct-08
Leave Hermit Islands Mon. 03-Nov-08 - Call P29NI
Arrive Manus Island OC-025 Tues. 04-Nov-08 -= Call TBD
Leave Manus Island via Air Niugini Wed. 05-Nov-08
We are taking amps, a Titanex V160E TX Vertical, K9AY loop system and phased
pennants for RX eith a KD9SV switch/preamp, and will be haunting 160, 80, 40
with them.
The P29 team is still looking for donations to help defray the cost of transporting
the 160 meter amp, antennas, etc. to/from P2. If you want to contribute, we have
set up PayPal on our web site or send
donations to G3KHZ or W5GAI via their addresses.
Skip, W5GAI
Topband mailing list
73 - Petr, OK1RP

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