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Japanesse night on Topband

4. dubna 2008 v 12:55 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hello all,
maybe You remember my article about beautiful night on 160m last year when the band was openned to Japan for long evenning and I heard a lot of JA's with great sigs in OK land.
Well the same "japanesse night" was on 4th Jan 2007 when the band was full of JA's and some other stations from Asia and Far East...
I remember that I tried to work on the band with QRO and barefoot also and I did not found big diferrencies between my 600W output or 100W output into the 200m half-square antenna. I was able to work JA's even with 100W output (using receiving Flag loop and pre-amplifier) as You can see below...
Yes, I know that Shige is not good example for comparison as his set-up is excellent and his sigs comming to EU mostly strong and clear but I am very happy to work him on Topband every time I can hear him.
I got the QSL card from Shige thru bureau last week so I am proud to put it on my blog to show that its possible to work JA's also with barefoot set-up. Yes, as good as possible receiving performance is needed all the time but not in case of Shige...:)
BTW: You can see his QTH and set-up configuration layouted on his QSL card. Nice hill isn't it? ...even tree are sloped :)
Thank You Shige for excellent QSO and hope to work You again on Topband in the future.
Petr, OK1RP

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