Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

5T5DC on 160m band

24. března 2008 v 20:52 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
5T DXpedition 2008
German HamRadio DXpedition 5T Mauritania 2008 started on 15th Mar 2008. They are working well on few bands at the same time and their signals are quite good even on low bands. They had issues on 160m at the beginning but now seems to be all solved and they are ready all bands.
15.03.2008 - 30.03.2008
EQUIPMENT: IC756 ProII, K3, IC746, FT840, FT857, 2x ZZ750 (750W-PA), 1x 500W-Transistor-PA.
ANTENNAS :1x V160, 1x V80, 2el-phased GP (40m), 2x Spiderbeam (20-10m), 1xGP (40-10m), 1xGP(WARC), Beverage, K9AY loop, Digital-mode equipment, Pactor-equipment...
Their Topband antenna is 18m tall vertical using the Spiderbeam fibre-glass mast support. It is combined with beverage and K9AY loop so it sounds good for serious operation on 160m.
March 22th 2008 - Latest news from 5T.
Now 39294 QSO in the log on all bands, only 10m is running not so well, propagation to far stations are down.Yesterday the first QSO on 160m SSB are in the log. Today following bands are planned to work this night:
80m SSB 160m SSB 30m RTTY (2200z to 0100z)
First on 160m from 2000z to 2100z 5T5DC will look for JA only and lisn 5 down.
March 18th 2008 - Latest news from 5T.
After long 3 days without news from the crew now here the latest.

All antennas now ready to use and the crew is on air from 160m to 10m. Any problems with the 160m inverted-L antenna are removed and we hope we can bring up a good signal around the globe.
For 80m the crew has build a new inverted-L antenne and mount this.
All stations now are running but we only can operate from 5T with legal limit only 100W all bands.
We hope we can get a permission to make more power next days. We will inform you.

All crewmembers are in fine shape after a little time to acclimatize from 5 degree in germany to 45 degree and hot sun in Mauritanie.

Now the Pactor is running well and we hope to update the log daily.
For the 5T Crew is DX-Cluster or Internet not available
Please remember: Maretanie is one of the poorest Countries of the world. It is not Europe not America it is just Africa.

First impressions you can find at
QSL-Manager: DH7WW

QSL direct (green stamps prefered) or via bureau. No eQSL.
73, good luck in the pile up,
Petr, OK1RP

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