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Telescoping Fiberglass Masts - part IX.

23. února 2008 v 20:51 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
as I promised in last article about fiberglass masts (part VIII.) I should talk about poles from local manufacturers or local distributors in Czech. I did not changed plans to talk about them but not now. The reason is that we have another source available in Europe. Its WiMo antennas distributor who offering his poles here
Let go to see what they have and if its possible to use it as support for our Topband antennas.

Glas fibre mast

Bild Fiberglasmast 10m
Length is 10m, packed in a neat canvas transport bag. Don't compare with the cheap fishing rods! Significantly better and more stable version specially developed for antenna applications. Very firm by using 3-tier lamination, virtually resistant against ultra violet light by means of blackened coloring.
Excellent vertical stability by means of individually cut friction areas. An 8-9 meter high mast supports one 2m HB9CV or a lightweight short wave dipole. Extend or collapse within a few seconds.
This is an ideally suited quick-mast for use on a balcony, in the garden, in vacation or for the field day and in case your landlord doesn't like fixed antenna installations. The set-up time of a wire vertical is typically 1 minute or 5 minutes for a light weight dipole, break-down time 30 seconds!
No foundation is required. Affix on the balcony with a rope or by using tape to fix on the car mirror or attach to a wooden support during field day - that's it! Very easy transport and fits in every car trunk. No problem for air transport carry-on.
Total length 10m, retracted 1.15m. Weight 1.5 kg. Base diameter ca.50 mm, in 9m height ca.10mm.
Order No.

Extension for glass fibre mast

Extension tubes, one meter long with whcih the a.m. mast can be extended at the lower end. Just remove the cap, insert the extension, done. Up to three extensions are possible without guying, beyond that guy ropes are recommended.
Order No.

Spare tubes for fibre glass mast

Single spare tubes for fibre glass mast, please state the lower and upper diameter required when ordering.
Order No.

Low-Cost Fibre glass masts

Our simpler fibre glass masts have the same rigidity as the original, but no friction zones and not reinforcements at the end of each tube, no cloth bag as with the original. Length retracted 1m, extended 4, 6 or 10m.
Order No.
18338.04 4m length
18338.06 6m length
18338.10 10m length
Well regarding the first fiberglass pole 18330 it sounds very nice and 1cm of the diammeter at 10m height could be ok. The main parameter -> material tickness is missing so its hard to say if its possible to use it permanently.
The cost effective second pole 18338.xx seems to be standard fishing pole which is offered by lot of sellers not only in EU. So the question is where the buyer comes from to decide for nearest seller cause of lowest shipping cost.
Also it will be very nice to hear from some of You the experiences with these WiMo poles in the field.
73, Petr OK1RP

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