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Noise Cancelling Headphones - part III.

20. listopadu 2007 v 17:41 | Petr, OK1RP |  Technical topics
in preview articles I wrote about different types of N-C (noise cancelling) headphones which are reachable on the market.
The NC-2 or NC-4 was the cheaper headphones types published by Roger Western, G3SXW in FOCUS 66 - Spring 2006 (Republished from November 2005 CDXC Diges, bi-monthly journal of the Chiltern DX Club.)
As I am interested in that headphones to test the noise cancelling effect in combination with other noise reduction filtering I tried to find them on the market.
The NC-2or NC-4folding design
are still but hard reachable so I looked for other available products from the supplier.
Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd is another Hong Kong company committed to keeping pace with rapid changes in the international home and portable audio industry.
As I found the information currently available on the internet "Fujikon has also built on the success of its NC-4 active noise-cancelling headphones with its new NC-42 model, which features a 90 deg. swivel fold-flat design for greater portability and storage, lightweight extendable headband for added comfort, airline adaptor and carrying pouch.
Driver Unit
2 x 30mm
Frequency Response
32 ohm
Sensitivity (at 1 KHz)
115db (Off)\r\n121db (On)
Reduction Level
For more informations or another types of Fujicon N-C headphones visit
If anybody know good supplier of these headphones with fair prices and shipping conditions in EU then please put to comments below an article or send me an email please.
73, Petr OK1RP

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