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LX2007L - European Capital of Culture 2007 Award

11. listopadu 2007 v 19:24 |  Band reports

Luxembourg - European Capital of Culture 2007 Award bringing the people of Europe together'

After being city of culture in 1995, Luxembourg made it again and will be European Capital of Culture 2007 together with the Greater Region, Germany (Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate), France (Lorraine) and Belgium (Wallonia).
The Greater Region is about 65,401 km2 large with 3 spoken national languages (French, German and Luxemburgish) and has around 11.2 million inhabitants.
More information about Luxembourg and the Greater Region can be found at the official website
Award Rules
The Award is available to licensed radio amateurs and short waves listeners.
Beginning January 1st 2007 and ending December 31st 2007, two way contacts must be established with the 3 special event stations
LX2007L (district of Luxembourg)
LX2007G (district of Grevenmacher) and
LX2007D (district of Diekirch)
and 5 different LX - stations
Each station may be counted only once. Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors, repeaters and echolink may not be counted. There is no restriction on the mode used
Applicants should submit a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, frequency and mode, please use our application form available on the RL-website Any dispute concerning the award shall be settled by the RL Board
The application fee is USD 8 or EUR 5
Applications shall be sent to:
Réseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes
Awards Manager
P.O. Box 1352
L-1013 Luxembourg

QSL Information LX2007L, LX2007G, LX2007D
Your QSL-card is not necessary.
All QSL-cards for the 3 special event stations will be sent automatically by the RL.
However, please check our online Logs at
For any questions please contact
Final Logs will be available on EQSL and Logbook of the World by 31st December 2007.
Well I worked LX2007L just few mins ago on 1826.8 even with my horrible sigs using 5W out so it seems to be reachable that award also on Topband. There were no mni takers so it should be easy to work them.
Best 73, Petr OK1RP

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