Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Do You need ZL7 on 160m ?

7. října 2007 v 18:53 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
on 5th October started the operation of three Polish ham's from Chatham isl. (ZL7).
You can find them as ZL7/SP9PT, ZL7/SP5EAQ and ZL7/SP9BQJ. As promised SP9PT they should be QRV also on 160m band.
Their operation should be closed on 18th October so it is enough time for now to watch them if You need ZL7 on that band. QSL via their home calls.
...anybody hear them on Topband already ?
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | 11. října 2007 v 22:21 | Reagovat


as Jarda, OK1RD alreadz reported on Topband mailing list SP9PT working from ZL7 as promised. Their sigs are good in big guns locations -> I was not lucky to hear them till now...

73, Petr OK1RP

2 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | 11. října 2007 v 22:26 | Reagovat


as I checked on the internet the good time to hear them on 160m is between 16:00Z to 17:30Z.

Anybody hear them already with "civil" antennas?

73, Petr OK1RP

3 Marek Niedoba Marek Niedoba | E-mail | 11. listopadu 2007 v 12:30 | Reagovat

Hello Peter !

If You need real photo from our QTH on Chatham pse send me back some E-mail

                   Vy 73 Marek SP9BQJ

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