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Antennas inspiration - part I.

10. října 2007 v 18:38 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
Hello all,
as I mentioned already I am still looking for an antenna which will fit to my fixed QTH. Unfortunatelly it is not easy as there I have pocket garden which is not suitable even for HF bands so the installation of some antenna for Topband is really challenging...
I tried a lot of different types as I am getting an ideas from the books, magazines, internet webs or from discussion with friends etc. but suddenly did not found right one.
Well if You have quite same situation and You are looking for some antenna which will fit to Your location then You can get an inspiration from articles which will comes step by step over here. I will share it (with permision of the owner or originator) althought it not helped to me as the situation is always different and it can help to You maybe.
160m band loaded vertical
First what You can try is the loaded vertical as described on the picture.
"Anything is better than nothing. Try for example this configuration when You have to use pocket size garden nor limited space for antennas"...saying about that antenna W0UCE who inspired me to test it.
This antenna has problem with the installation as it is a bit complex and lot of wires makes troubles specialy in the winter. Heavy frosted will need strong support and wire loading is extremely high.
Well I tested shortly and it resonated well in band -> I made few QSOs and sound that vertical has still good efficiency with low radiation angle valid for DXing.
Important is to spend time to grounding system which need to be as wide and good as possible. If the grounding system is bad You wasted money and time for building the vertical. It was reason why I decided to not use it longer and antenna went down.
160m band sloper system
The inspiration for that antenna comes again from W0UCE. Seems to be a bit complex again but the core idea is simple.
The main advantage is in single support only. As I said in my case there is only pocket size lot and even I had low pole for the support so the apex was during the test only 12m bended. I never had success with that antenna -> for sure because of low apex and not properly solved the feeding point.
...will continue
73, Petr OK1RP

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