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11. září 2007 v 15:25 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Message from the top band team at 3B7C:

As from this evening we will start our 160m (and 80m) operations at 16:30Z. The team would greatly appreciate any signal reports on either band during the North America west coast sunrise and post-sunrise period. Please send reports to me at and I will pass them on in my daily brief to the team, which is sent at around 23:00Z.
Please monitor the "Latest News" section of the web site at for further details. The news is updated at least once per day.
73, John
3B7C pilot
Original message from the team:
"It would be very helpful if propagation reports are presented in a standard format. Occasionally feedback comes in missing a key piece of data. To be most useful, each message should contain":
  • call/location of reporter
  • band
  • date GMT
  • time GMT
  • report.
Example: "DE W1XYZ, 160m, 10-Sep 2000Z: 3B7C S9 two hours before local sunset here." This will allow us to provide specific guidance to operators coming on duty, and to update our crib sheets precisely.

Good luck,
Petr, OK1RP

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