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18. září 2007 v 0:22 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hi all,
there I am posting the latest news comes from the 3B7C team regarding the 160m operation or LF band strategy as it was originaly published by pilot op. John, G3WGV (FSDXA) on their web. Also FAQ are mentioned...
- Monitor the CW frequency (about 1821.5 kHz) at the start of each hour. If there is no pileup, the operator will QSY for SSB for any waiting stations.
- An extremely noisy night on low bands here affected our ability to copy many signals. 160m North America opening was among those affected. We will keep trying.
- We were late for the start of 80m CW yesterday afternoon due to technical issues in re-configuring the station, so missed the chance to work some southern Californians.We will be there earlier tonight. Later in the afternoon we'll be on 160m looking for west coast long path opening for a few afternoons.
- Low band operations during the night of Sep 16/17 continued to be plagued by high QRN from storms to our north. (We have had a few brief squalls of heavy rain plus winds to 40 knots in the last few days, but no lightning to ground.) However, signal levels seemed to improve somewhat after 16/2200z this morning.
- The 160m operator is calling CQ for zone 3 from 1730-1830z daily. To date we have worked a few VKs and Pacific stations, but not heard any identifiable signals from zone 3. Zone 3 top band operators are asked to listen for 3B7C (1821.27 kHz). We'd like any reception reports, in addition to some QSOs in the log!
For mor information visit original source at then click to Latest news link.
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | 18. září 2007 v 0:33 | Reagovat


on yesterday I heard them on 1821.5 for very short time around 21:00Z (if I remember) with 469 report and fading on noisy band. They tried to calling CQ and as no takers came they QSY to SSB for some time then went back to CW.

Today no copy over here on 160m...sorry.

73, Petr 1RP

(BTW: easy worked them on 20m on first dot...)

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