Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Září 2007

3B7C - will run until Tue 25-Sep at 03Z

23. září 2007 v 23:56 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hi all,
Maybe one of the last info about 3B7C operation on low bands came from the John, G3WGV pilot station as follows:
Message from the team at 3B7C:

Top band, 80m and 40m will run until Tuesday 25-Sept at 0300z or until propagation folds, whichever is first.

73, John
3B7C pilot
Orig.published in Topband mailing list
Well if You did not worked them on Topband until now then You have last chance to catch 3B7C over here.
BTW: I was not lucky to work them still as I was not able to move to QTH/p with better antennas and there is no chance to work them with 10W out into low Inv.V apex 6m only in fixed QTH where TVI impact my operation...
73, Petr OK1RP

3B7C - the best time to work charts !

22. září 2007 v 0:19 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hello all,
many of You worked the 3B7C on Topband already. If not then let's go with me to see what I found on their web pages ...
To be able to decide for the best time for calling them on Topband You can use their excellent service -> chart with number of callers from Your country. Hint: The time with the tallest bar is the best time to work 3B7C on that particular band !

160 m: 65 QSOs from 3B7C to OK

160 m: 221 QSOs from 3B7C to W1 (east coast US)

160 m: 10 QSOs from 3B7C to VK6 (west coast)
Well how it works on their pages? Easy...
Go to then click to Online Logs. Enter your callsign (or callsign from country You are interested in) to find a qso with 3B7C and click ENTER. After searching the QSO look below the QSOs map for the blue line where is the message: "More leaderboards? The top 100 band/slots stations in CQ zone (xxx) or (yyyy) where (xxx) is zone number and (yyyy) is country name". Click to (yyyy) -> country name to generate the charts for particular bands statistic of callers hour by hour. Roll down for 160m and ...? find the tallest bar which is best time to work them from selected country.
73, Good luck
Petr OK1RP

3B7C - 160m news from the team

18. září 2007 v 0:22 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hi all,
there I am posting the latest news comes from the 3B7C team regarding the 160m operation or LF band strategy as it was originaly published by pilot op. John, G3WGV (FSDXA) on their web. Also FAQ are mentioned...
- Monitor the CW frequency (about 1821.5 kHz) at the start of each hour. If there is no pileup, the operator will QSY for SSB for any waiting stations.
- An extremely noisy night on low bands here affected our ability to copy many signals. 160m North America opening was among those affected. We will keep trying.
- We were late for the start of 80m CW yesterday afternoon due to technical issues in re-configuring the station, so missed the chance to work some southern Californians.We will be there earlier tonight. Later in the afternoon we'll be on 160m looking for west coast long path opening for a few afternoons.
- Low band operations during the night of Sep 16/17 continued to be plagued by high QRN from storms to our north. (We have had a few brief squalls of heavy rain plus winds to 40 knots in the last few days, but no lightning to ground.) However, signal levels seemed to improve somewhat after 16/2200z this morning.
- The 160m operator is calling CQ for zone 3 from 1730-1830z daily. To date we have worked a few VKs and Pacific stations, but not heard any identifiable signals from zone 3. Zone 3 top band operators are asked to listen for 3B7C (1821.27 kHz). We'd like any reception reports, in addition to some QSOs in the log!
For mor information visit original source at then click to Latest news link.
73, Petr OK1RP

Jack, VE1ZZ in hospital

18. září 2007 v 0:06 | Petr, OK1RP |  Home
Canadian Flag
Hi all,
unfortunatelly I have to post over here bad news which I found in Top band mailing list from Joe, VO1NA as follows:
Opal, Jack's XYL called to tell me that Jack is in hospital
having suffered a heart attack. He is in intensive care on the 4th floor of Dartmouth General and is alert and talking, but in need of rest.

This came as a shock to Opal and anyone who knows Jack as he had been very active and healthy. I offered to let the 160m DX'ers know about this so they can send their best wishes and hopes that he will be QRV on top band again soon.

Orig.published on : Topband mailing list
Well -> who know Jack Leahy, VE1ZZ please cross the fingers to him to recovery asap and come back on the air again. Jack was my first Canadian station on Topband when I worked as OL1BVR and one of the first DX over here. Jack is part of the Topband history and for most of us the 160m band operation teacher...
73, Petr OK1RP

3B7C on 160m - band reports in chart...

12. září 2007 v 11:00 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
for all who is interested in the 3B7C signal strenght I am prepared the band reports in small charts for last two days...
Location: jo60xj
Rig: K2 (no preamp)
Antennas: Super loaded Inv. V 2x39m apex 7m, W2PM mini diamond w/preamp W7IUV, G=18dB
Date: 10Sep07, 11Sep07
Maybe it can help to some of You in EU to find right time to catch them on 160m band.
73, Petr OK1RP

3B7C on 160m...

11. září 2007 v 15:25 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Message from the top band team at 3B7C:

As from this evening we will start our 160m (and 80m) operations at 16:30Z. The team would greatly appreciate any signal reports on either band during the North America west coast sunrise and post-sunrise period. Please send reports to me at and I will pass them on in my daily brief to the team, which is sent at around 23:00Z.
Please monitor the "Latest News" section of the web site at for further details. The news is updated at least once per day.
73, John
3B7C pilot
Original message from the team:
"It would be very helpful if propagation reports are presented in a standard format. Occasionally feedback comes in missing a key piece of data. To be most useful, each message should contain":
  • call/location of reporter
  • band
  • date GMT
  • time GMT
  • report.
Example: "DE W1XYZ, 160m, 10-Sep 2000Z: 3B7C S9 two hours before local sunset here." This will allow us to provide specific guidance to operators coming on duty, and to update our crib sheets precisely.

Good luck,
Petr, OK1RP

3B7C on 160m tonite...

9. září 2007 v 22:14 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
as I mentioned in preview article the St Brandon DX-pedition already started and they are very active all bands. Many of You already worked them on Topband also.
Tonite they are going thru to central EU with so big sigs that many of us has chance to work them even with bd receiving antennas or even w/o special receiving arrangement.
20:12U 1822.4 3B7C 599+ up 2 -> big pile-up from EU but currently no lids on QRG.
Good luck,
73, Petr OK1RP
BTW: I did not work them as I am sitting at fixed QTH where I have K2 only with low superloaded Inv.V apex 6m...and remoted QTH is not ready for now. No chance.

Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part VIII.

8. září 2007 v 22:25 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
another part about the fiberglass poles will talk about very interesting one as its available localy and the cost is comparing to US or Japanesse poles very low.
Nobody tested it from my nearest friends so it will be very interesting to know some reports about that article. For first time it seems to be quite similar to lot of preview poles from another suppliers but in that case manufacturer promised "strong vertical stability and 3-layer lamination technology...

3B7C - St Brandon ready on 160m !

8. září 2007 v 21:34 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hello all,
Large multi-operator, multi-stationDXpedition to St Brandon, 3B7 is over here...
3B7C is on the air and even from first activity day they are operates on 160m band!
They will be active from 07-24 September 2007.
The Five Star DXers Association team, which brought you
the 9M0C, D68C and 3B9C DXpeditions, is active from
St Brandon now.

This web site will carry all the information about the
expedition, including log search, QSL requests and details
on frequencies and modes.
160m band equipment:
Titanex V160S 85 foot vertical
In addition to the above we will have a number of receiving antennas including Beverages, loops, dipoles etc. We hope to experiment with a new design for LF reception.
3B7C Operators
The 3B7C Team are proud to announce the following operators which will be assisting the DXpedition. Please click on the thumbnail picture of each operator to view their biography. Please be aware that this page contains a large number of pictures, and may take some time to load on a low speed line.
3B7C Frequencies and Modes
3B7C plans to operate on the following frequencies:


We will operate on the above modes and frequencies. The frequencies are a guide.

We will nearly always work split frequency and will regularly announce the frequencies on which we are listening.
We will only make contacts on our transmitting frequency during the last few days of the DXpedition if the pile-ups have disappeared.
We will also use slow CW toward the end of our expedition, to allow newcomers to Morse Code to make a contact with us.

Listen to the operator carefully. Each has been briefed to give the 3B7C callsign at least after every two QSOs and to announce the listening frequencies every five QSO's.

We will not work by numbers; we feel that with good ears and equipment this is quite unnecessary.
QSL Routes
Please click on the links below according to your QSL requirements:
QSL Policy
FSDXA does not collect or retain QSL cards. Will amateurs requesting QSL cards, either direct or via the bureau, please try NOT to send a separate card for each QSO. A typed, printed or hand-written list of all QSOs on the reverse of the card is preferred.
QSO data error policy
To avoid flooding QSL bureau with unwanted cards, we will not QSL unless we are requested to do so by one of the above means. When we do receive a QSL request, we will respond 100%, as defined above, provided the QSO is correct in our log.
Well what we can tell more? As its FOC participated DX-pedition we can expecting high-end operation "concert" on the bands.
First night I slept during their time so I do not know how they went thru to EU...
There is short help using the DX-Cluster OH2AQ but Your band reports from the band are welcomed !
S59A 1822.3 3B7C cqing up7 abt559 2009 07 Sep 2007
JA3CJO 1822.3 3B7C up7 579 2011 07 Sep 2007
OK7XX 1822.3 3B7C QSX 1829.30 2011 07 Sep 2007
HL3IUA 1822.4 3B7C up7, 599 PLUS ???? 2015 07 Sep 2007
UA4CC 1822.4 3B7C QSX 1829.23 up7 yessss! 2021 07 Sep 2007
YC0LOW 1822.3 3B7C Wkd fer a NEW one. Tnx 2029 07 Sep 2007
HA0DU 1822.3 3B7C wkd 29.53 QRN hr 2107 07 Sep 2007
GU4YOX 1822.3 3B7C Really peaking nw. Up 7 2117 07 Sep 2007
F8BBL 1822.3 3B7C UP 1829.87 2130 07 Sep 2007
Good luck friends,
73, Petr OK1RP