Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

VK6 on 160m from OK land...

20. srpna 2007 v 13:15 | Petr, OK1RP |  Operation topics
Hello folks,
I am very happy to say "YES"...I have Australia confirmed on Topband ! Am I big Topband DX-er? ...I don't know guys but what I am sure that I am really happy.
It was in January 2006. Its the date of our regulary visiting the cottage in south Bohemia where we have our portable QTH with large antennas for experiments on low bands. Each year after celebration the new Year with family at home we are travelling to south with dady and my son (6yrs old now) and we are arranging the station to spend time in snowed area where outside is -20C and where we are trying to tune our station, accessories, antennas etc.
On 4th Jan evenning we had prepared quite new receiving antenna Flag with pre-amplifier 10dB using an old BF981 tranzistor. Flag has been fixed to East as I planned to catch some JA's as the test of receiving performance.
When I tuned across the band there were nothing special except some big EU's trying to make CQ... I was a bit dissapointed for first time as I did not hear the JA's answered to big guns but as the receiving antennas was not in perfect place on the garden (2m of snow arround and ends of boom was only 0.5m up) I said "well too early to make evaluation".
After few minutes of tunning up and down I found nice sounded signal on 1822kHz. Wow, if I am right it seems to be VK6...I listenned him for cple of minutes and signal peaked 579 sometime! Well I was very surprised > as there was no takers for his CQ I decided to call him. An answer came immediatelly and we made very nice and easy QSO with Karl, VK6IP.
QSL card arrived from Karl "KK", VK6IP thru bureau on Friday 17th Aug last week.
Equipment which I used during the contact was FT-990AT excited PA Tesla KVZ-05AP running 600W output into half square with 26/20m vertical parts and 80m horizontal part for TX. Receiving Flag with 10dB preamp. for RX including the xtal preselector in front-end of FT-990AT.
Well, I am pretty sure that its nothing special for lot of You guys. Most of Topband DX-ers chassing a lot VK's each seasson but for me ...? I am working on 160m band since 1987 when I started as 15 years old beginner. I have no big lots for antennas, no extra power available and all equipment, antennas and accessories I have we builded ownself.
...excited? Yes, I am as I had to wait 19 years for my VK on 160m worked from OK land.
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Frantisek mikulenka Frantisek mikulenka | E-mail | 20. srpna 2007 v 17:01 | Reagovat

Ahoj Petre,

congrats k peknym strankam a VK na 160m.

Take si do dneska vzpominam , jak mne potesilo

prvni QSO s Mikem VK6HD na top bandu ( 500W a

windomka jako sloper).

Letos jsme zprovoznili na nasi kolektivce OK2KRT vertikal 26m + 60x 20 radialu, vykon pres

1kW z upravene R140. Uz jsme to testovali s Ludkem OK2PKD a i v letnim QRN to chodilo  na NA a SA. Takze uz se tesime na podzimni  condx.

73, Franta OK2BUZ

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