Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Noisy 160m band today in OK land...

28. srpna 2007 v 22:42 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
tonite I am testing K2 from my friend cause of new installation of 160m band module inside. Well receiver sounds good but too noisy for some DXing tonite.
I will try to looking for DX but heavy QRN and noise on the band will not giving a lot chances.
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | E-mail | 28. srpna 2007 v 22:46 | Reagovat

20:30 1822.0 3B8CF -> very weak and not cpy over there in QRN. Lsn up1 and worked EU's but not so much takers.

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