Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Srpen 2007

Noisy 160m band today in OK land...

28. srpna 2007 v 22:42 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
tonite I am testing K2 from my friend cause of new installation of 160m band module inside. Well receiver sounds good but too noisy for some DXing tonite.
I will try to looking for DX but heavy QRN and noise on the band will not giving a lot chances.
73, Petr OK1RP

Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part VII.

28. srpna 2007 v 18:00 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
Fiberglass pole
althought I wrote about the telescoping fiberglass poles in preview articles (6 parts) it seems to be never ending story...
As I promised last time I am continue looking for another suppliers to get another source for Fiberglass masts or poles to use it as support of receiving Delta or inverted L or another types of 160m antennas for DXing.
If You will visit the web of JH1GVY then You will find there very nice table of suppliers for poles usable for our ham radio hobby and 160m antennas.
Pole information for JH1GVY antenna 
Type name
Reduction length
Stage number
Original diameter
Tip diameter
Reference price
Ahead remark/purchase communicating
World wide 2004 August
World wide 2007 June
When are only white and the substance, below wind resistant fast 35m/s
Five nine service
Tel: 03-3733-3295
184Euro/exemption from taxation
Spider beam
Wall thickness 1mm - 2mm
HP where information of various poles is published
DK9SQ glass pole
The german make import [ueda] radio 06-6633-7688
Coming and others coming and others pole
Stainless steel winding pipe ones we want the pole
Central pipe diameter 29mm, [mori] industrial
Foam/home center
JH1GVY comment:
> PG ANT100: Lightness is charm.
> W-GR-1000H: The waist was stronger than PG ANT100, most became popular? .
> GP-1000A: For standing antenna? .
> MF180001: 2006, the strongest in amateur radio history? Expansion and contraction fiberglass pole.
We did not talked untill now about the fiberglass poles named W-GR-1000H / W-GR-1800H
from World-Wide (world wide)
Toshio typical Kobayashi
Sano Cho with respect to 370-0857 Gunma prefecture Takasaki city 409-1
TEL: 027-327-7776 (month ~ gold 09:00 ~19: 00)
FAX: 027-327-8874 (on occasion)
Fiberglass pole
Type name
Total length
When extending: 10.0m
When receiving: 1.27m
(From top and bottom cap edge)
When extending: 18.2m
When receiving: 1.25m
(From top and bottom cap edge)
Major diameter
Largest diameter: 48.0mm (it is low the section)
The smallest diameter: 11.0mm (point)
Largest diameter: 86.4mm (it is low the section)
The smallest diameter: 12.4mm (point)
The number of continuation
9 step connections17 step connections
Wire antenna construction and small-sized V/UHF beam ANT temporary veranda ANT etc in addition, you can use variously!Wire antenna construction in addition, you can use variously!
The private case (selling separately) it isBottom has become the aluminum material
All parameters are visible in the preview table so comment is not needed.
What is very interesting from my point of view are the "errected/collapsed" diammeters of the poles. 48/11mm for 10m pole and 86,4/12,4mm for 18m pole. It sounds to me much better then the "strongest pole in the history" comes from Spiderbeam here
about which I talked in an article Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part I. There You can find that the pole from Spidebeam 18m tall has 73/4mm of diammeter only.
OK, the question is what it will do in the wind and which differencies are in the materials in these two cases as Spiderbeam talking about "specially reinforced multilayer winding"
Well according to the technical parameters of the W-GR-1000H/1800H it comes to be one of the favourable pole for my antennas suports on 160m.
Any comments or experiences with that pole?
MNI 73, Petr OK1RP project closed

20. srpna 2007 v 22:25 | Petr, OK1RP |  Technical topics
Hello Topbanders,
bad news coming from Sweden. Very known and I guess popular project of the remotelly controlled receivers network has been closed.
Kelly Lindman announced on his web sites that in March 2007 he stopped running the DxTuners site which had been going for 10 years.
I reported over here about that nice service on 12-Mar-2007 so it seems that the project has been closed shortly after the 10 years celebration in March.
The system will not be available anymore and is linked now to with another business. No reason for surprising action has been published.
73, Petr OK1RP

Do You know the "50' Tall Weekend Special" ?

20. srpna 2007 v 21:59 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
long time ago I found somewhere on internet interesting antenna which should works also on 160m band. I tried to ask my friends Topbanders if they know that antenna but every time I got reply "I never heard about that"...
Do You know what is the 55' Tall Weekend Special antenna? No? So there is the drawing as I downloaded on internet...
There are interesting an elevated radials and capacitive loading of the antenna. What is dissapointing is the 40m trap used in the radiator.
Generally its multiband > compromise antenna but should be interesting to test it on the air. Maybe it can be inspiration for experiments on Topband for pocket size QTH's isn't it?
73, Petr OK1RP

VK6 on 160m from OK land...

20. srpna 2007 v 13:15 | Petr, OK1RP |  Operation topics
Hello folks,
I am very happy to say "YES"...I have Australia confirmed on Topband ! Am I big Topband DX-er? ...I don't know guys but what I am sure that I am really happy.
It was in January 2006. Its the date of our regulary visiting the cottage in south Bohemia where we have our portable QTH with large antennas for experiments on low bands. Each year after celebration the new Year with family at home we are travelling to south with dady and my son (6yrs old now) and we are arranging the station to spend time in snowed area where outside is -20C and where we are trying to tune our station, accessories, antennas etc.
On 4th Jan evenning we had prepared quite new receiving antenna Flag with pre-amplifier 10dB using an old BF981 tranzistor. Flag has been fixed to East as I planned to catch some JA's as the test of receiving performance.
When I tuned across the band there were nothing special except some big EU's trying to make CQ... I was a bit dissapointed for first time as I did not hear the JA's answered to big guns but as the receiving antennas was not in perfect place on the garden (2m of snow arround and ends of boom was only 0.5m up) I said "well too early to make evaluation".
After few minutes of tunning up and down I found nice sounded signal on 1822kHz. Wow, if I am right it seems to be VK6...I listenned him for cple of minutes and signal peaked 579 sometime! Well I was very surprised > as there was no takers for his CQ I decided to call him. An answer came immediatelly and we made very nice and easy QSO with Karl, VK6IP.
QSL card arrived from Karl "KK", VK6IP thru bureau on Friday 17th Aug last week.
Equipment which I used during the contact was FT-990AT excited PA Tesla KVZ-05AP running 600W output into half square with 26/20m vertical parts and 80m horizontal part for TX. Receiving Flag with 10dB preamp. for RX including the xtal preselector in front-end of FT-990AT.
Well, I am pretty sure that its nothing special for lot of You guys. Most of Topband DX-ers chassing a lot VK's each seasson but for me ...? I am working on 160m band since 1987 when I started as 15 years old beginner. I have no big lots for antennas, no extra power available and all equipment, antennas and accessories I have we builded ownself.
...excited? Yes, I am as I had to wait 19 years for my VK on 160m worked from OK land.
73, Petr OK1RP