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Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part VI. (additional)

18. března 2007 v 13:18 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
Hi all,
as I promised last time, there are additional informations about the VDL-poles from Germany. See the complete informations comes from Chris, DL8MBS...

Picture "Tabelle" to read as follows:
Maximum height telescoped, length of pole detelescoped foer transportation, number of segments, diameter at the base, diameter at the top, Material: non-conductive without carbon (which sounds nice after once trimming a 40m-GP along a fiberglas pole with the wire already cut down to 8 m simply by changing the wire´s distance to the fiberglas with whatever conductive ingredients...), weight and prize with and without tax given for 2003.
Gunter von der Ley Kunststofftechnik
Laupendahler Weg 19
42579 Heiligenhaus-Isenbügel

VDL´s Recommendation: Poles 15m and higher should be guyed at two levels.

Without guying max tension is given as follows:
10m-pole 90 newton
12m-pole 90 newton
15m-pole 75 newton
18m-pole 60 newton
20m-pole 50 newton

Not yet calculated what antenna with what winds that means.

VDL recommends shells for every part at which mounting materials (clamps etc) are fixed at the mast. Shells and other accessories are listed at the accessories-picture as well as tips for the ground mounting (they sound all very conservative for ham means and I will try to translate if needed). I didn´t add the explanation for mounting the guying ring, but that is only needed if you already have a pole, and then it should have been added.

I will post a query for experiences with VDL and other fiberglas-poles on the reflector of Bavarian-Contest-Club with a link to your site and post/translate answers going only to me.

At BCC I found Rudolf, DJ3WE, (once?) using a VDL-pole. Feel free to write him at

At this site is a video of a 12m-VDL-pole with a 50MHz-4L at gale force 10
I use DK9SQ-poles and am satisfied (reaching at least 10m with 2 extension sections available from him), but can´t wait for testing the spiderbeam poles - even if I´m not too happy with the need to guy at least the 18-m-pole which isn´t possible at some of my better /p-qths).

All the best and 73, Chris
Well thank You Chris for all informations and will be great to get some more experiences from the field.
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 IK0YVV IK0YVV | E-mail | 31. března 2009 v 16:05 | Reagovat

Hi Petr and Chris, the VDL pole seems to be what i'm looking for, do you know how can i get in touch with VDL company?

Thanks in advance and congrats Petr fr nice blog.

73s , IK0YVV , Marco

2 topband topband | E-mail | 4. listopadu 2010 v 0:26 | Reagovat

Hi Marco,
thank You for comment. Try to contact Rudolf, DJ3WE from BCC or Chris, DL8MBS directly. They should be able to send You contact for VDL. Let me know if You will not be successful then I will try to help You more.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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