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Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part V. (additional)

19. února 2007 v 10:18 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
Hallo all,
a few days ago I received very nice email from Chris, DL8MBS with very interesting informations about another fibreglass pole from Germany...
Chris, DL8MBS wrote:
Hello Petr,
thanks for the infos about fiberglass poles on your site. If you like to make the list longer there are poles byVDL (Von der Ley-Kunststofftechnik).
I ordered their paper material because there is nothing on the net...
They offer five poles from 10 m to 20m, all with 23mm diameter at the top section. Their price range is from 149€ to 275€. They offer it for hams (with additional antenna ideas like some quads) and professionals i.e. for portable measurements. One thing looking interesting is the locking system at the intersections.

But I haven´t more infos (instead I bought the 12m- and 18m-spiderbeam poles - not yet tested due to an actual move). I have no relation to VDL and may send you additional info from the material if you are interested. Haven´t yet heard any ham comments about those poles.

All the best and 73, Chris
...well thank You very much Chris. I tried to looking for VDL on the net and found that the company should be owned by DJ6NI, Peter Gunter. I am going to contact him now.
I will post more details about these products which can be usable for our 160m antennas (not only receiving loop) as soon as I will get it.
73, Petr OK1RP

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