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160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...


25. ledna 2007 v 14:13 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hi all,
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as Brian, ZL1AZE confirmed me by an email they will be active in CQWW 160M contest from Quarz Hill as ZL6QH. Their set-up is quite good so many of us will have the chance to work ZL on Top band. From my last experience its not hard to work them cause of propagation nor equipment problems but mainly cause of lot of EU operators calling them without enough receiving capability. So please read following announcement and mainly his operating instructions.
Brian, ZL1AZE wrote:
ZL6QH will be active as a multi-op station in the CW CQWW 160M DX Contest on 27/28 January 2007. The operators will be ZL2BSJ and ZL1AZE.

Please note that ZL6QH has difficulty hearing signals in the range 1815 to 1821 kHz, due to strong QRM from a local GPS correction beacon on 1818 kHz.

Our run frequency at local sunset is likely to be in the range 1830 to 1835 kHz. Later in the evening we will attempt to find a frequency in the range 1810 to 1815 kHz or 1821 to 1825 kHz, when the band opens to JA.

Hopefully we will manage to work some West Europe stations via the long path near our sunset time, from around 0730z to 0800. We will also be looking to work Europeans via the short path in the period leading up to our sunrise at 1730z.

Your assistance with the following will be much appreciated:
1. Please do not call us unless you can also copy our signal.
2. Please only send your callsign once or twice, unless we request repeats.
3. Please refrain from transmitting over the top of existing QSOs with ZL6QH.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to working many top-band stations in the contest.

GL and 73, Brian ZL1AZE
So, good luck and please be gentleman on the Top band...
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | 19. února 2007 v 10:34 | Reagovat

Hi folks,

after the contest I received nice email directly from Brian, ZL1AZE. I was not lucky and I did not make QSO with them on Topband. Possible reasons You can find as follows:

Hi Petr

Many thanks for looking out for us and I am sorry we missed you. Unfortunately the propagation to EU was not good this year, especially via the short path.

There was quite a good long path opening towards EU at our sunset on Sunday evening with EI , GI,  GD and CN making it into the log, but there were no LP QSOs at the same time on Saturday evening.

We did manage to work a number of Eastern EU stations via the short path, but only by searching and pouncing and with difficulty. EU countries worked via SP included OM, ES, LY, S5, UA, and UR. We heard some very weak West EU stations but they were not strong enough for a QSO.

Fortunately there was good propagation to NA on both nights, so we ended up filling the log with USA and VE QSOs! However, the large pileups from NA at sunset reduced our ability to hear weaker LP signals from EU. We were also handicapped by high QRN levels - from tropical storms on Saturday night and from local rain static on Sunday night.

In the 'magic' 2005 CW CQWW 160M contest we made around 60 QSOs with EU, compared with 10 this year.

Anyhow we hope to have another chance to work you again soon. ZL2BSJ and I will make a point of activating 160M @ ZL6QH as often as possible over the coming weeks and months.

Please see for our story about the ZL6QH operation in the 2007 contest.


Brian ZL1AZE (and Wilbert ZL2BSJ)

ZL6QH team in 2007 CW CQWW 160M Contest

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