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PJ4/KU8E on Topband in ARRL DX CW, 2007

31. ledna 2007 v 23:24 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
Hi all,
John, K4BAI, and myself will be returning to Bonaire for the ARRL DX CW contest. John will be SOAB using PJ4A. I will be doing SO 160 Single Band using PJ4/KU8E. I will also do some operating during the day on some of the other bands giving out contacts. We will arrive on Feb 13th and I will be on 160 starting the night of the 14th. Hopefully the Condx will be good as last year when worked over 300 + stations from EU during the time we were there.
The location is very good on top of one of the highest hills on the island. I am also going to try to put some RCV antenna up to hear better. Currently there is a beverage about 350 ft long towards the USA. Any suggestions on what to do for a RCV antenna would be welcome. The ground is very poor consisting of rocks and scrubs. PJ2T has tried a RCV four square and K9AY loops from Curacao, which is very much the same ground as Bonaire with not much luck.

I would also like to make an effort to work JA this year. I talked to K8ND who operated PJ2T this past weekend and they worked a couple in CQ160 CW. My antenna will be an Inverted L with about 80 ft of it vertical and the rest sloping down.

73, Jeff KU8E
So, lets go to catch them from PJ4 on Top band if You will be able to hear their sigs. As Jeff do not speaking about the used power I hope that they will not play with QRP only to produce good sigs on Top band.
73, Petr OK1RP

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