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World's Top Band DXCC ranking updated...

19. prosince 2006 v 23:42 | Petr, OK1RP |  Home
Hi Topbanders,
I have to say that the Top Band DXCC rank is changed on the top place and I am happy to send big congratulation to Jarda, OK1RD who beated "big" John, ON4UN in the World's Top Band DXCC/Europe ranking after long time !
Wow, 298 DXCC countries in 40 zones on Top Band, CW…is it dream or what? No, its not the dream, just hard work, lot of work hours on an antennas, hardware etc. instead of TV watching. Big investment of the own holiday time, relaxing time and mainly family time to the ham radio hobby which giving results like that.
Some weeks ago I wrote there on the blog about The 4SQR for 160m a'la K8UR by OK1RD. Well it's the part of his antennas field. If You are interested in more informations nor details then do not hesitate to visit
My big congratulation to Jarda, OK1RD again and see You soon on the air,
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 OK1RD/ON4UN OK1RD/ON4UN | E-mail | 25. prosince 2006 v 8:52 | Reagovat

Petr I just saw topband page...very nice ,CONGRATS!Well,regarding Topband ranking..not everyone is updating VK1AA "Who is who...",look at Johns ON4UN in DXCC..he already "crossed" #300 countries  . So ,Congrats to John who as the first European  achieved #300. 73 Rys SP5EWY

2 SP5EWY Rys SP5EWY Rys | E-mail | 30. prosince 2006 v 5:45 | Reagovat

SRI... WEb page DXCC 160m is :    73 Rys SP5EWY

3 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | 24. července 2007 v 10:01 | Reagovat


thank You a lot for comments. It seems that somebody really reads my blog ;)

Well my source of informations is not we should congrats to John, ON4UN to crossing the 300 in EU.

best regards,

Petr, OK1RP

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