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Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part IV. (addition)

18. prosince 2006 v 3:30 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
as I promised last time I am continue looking for another suppliers nor chance to get another source for Fiberglass masts or poles to use it as support of receiving Delta or inverted L etc.
Well last week I found few another nice opportunities and an article is under preparation now. Also I got few good tips from friends using the Fiberglass materials for their different hobby.
Another tips comes from Tod, K0TO:
I had the good fortune to acquire about 15 windsurfer fiberglass masts a low cost when a manufacturer discontinued operation. The bases accommodate a 2 inch diameter aluminum tube. The mast (which is tapered) comes in two 8 foot pieces and is just about 16 feet when assembled. It is possible [since I do it] to combine two of the masts to achieve heights of 27 feet or more. I use such a combination as the central support for my dual K9AY loops.

The opening at the top is larger than 1 inch. The wall thickness is at least 1/8 inch.

I suspect that such mast sections may be available in other places. The rather nice thing is that they break down to 8 foot sections which can be shipped or transported easily. However, I would not choose to use such a mast as the vertical support for an inverted L without using back guys.

Additional sources of large diameter fiberglass tubes are high school or college track teams. The pole vaulters train using 2 inch diameter poles that are not tapered and are longer than 8 feet. I was given 'discards' by the local high school and find that one can make them longer by finding aluminum inserts that can be epoxied into one end of the tube and which allow another tube base to slide over them. Again, although the poles are quite strong (but flexible), rational guying is desirable.

Tod, K0TO
I will be happy to get any comments from You as for sure You have also some good ideas about the supports for inverted L, Delta's etc.
Best regards,
Petr, OK1RP

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