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Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - part II.

11. prosince 2006 v 23:52 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
Hi folks,
well lets continue with the Telescoping Fiberglass Masts suppliers tour over here...

Custom Telescoping Poles and Adjustable Masts
8' to 40' Fiberglass Pole for , Antennas, Ham Radio, Wireless operations, Camera & Video equipment, Signal Pole for Emergency and React Teams, etc*.

  • Retracted size 8', extended size 40'.
  • Circumferentially wrapped fiberglass.
  • Twist lock handles for height adjustment
  • Weights only 14 lbs.
  • Ships UPS

    This pole is used by Ham Radio persons, and others who have a need for a pole that will telescope from 8' to 40'. If the pole will be erected for permanent use it is advisable to pin open the sections to prevent slippage over time due to weather, use, or other site conditions.
    We recommended that you guy this pole, and do not raise it within the fall line of persons or property.
40 foot hight Wonder Pole
According to all informations which is possible to find on the web pages of the supplier it sound as strongest Fiberglass mast we talked about untill now. Its different colapsing system (not the fishing one) The bending is expected in high wind also but it will not be in top section as preview ones but a bit of all pole.
Telescoping Wonder Poles are super strong.
6-ply Laminate Lay Up
Engineered Composite.
Only the Wonder Pole is
Our exclusive "Circ" wound poles are the strongest in the industry. The method of construction prohibits the line cracking of the fiberglass pole which is common in poles with only longitudinal strands. Like a crack in your windshield, it will keep going until the pole fails. The Wonder Pole will not. The high quality Nexus® Veil prevents fiber bloom (fiberglass slivers). We also include a UV inhibitor. Our "Sure Lock" grips are factory molded, and press fitted on the pole. No glue or rivets are used to hold the fittings on the pole. Wonder Pole®, the best fiberglass telescopic pole made today.
Telescopic nesting sections use no glue.
"Sure Lock" grips for instant adjustment to variable heights. Stop markers indicate maximum draw length of each section of the pole. Nesting sections provide for fast take down and storage of the Wonder Pole®
As I checked all of the versions they are producing the best one should be
8' closed opens to 40' High - In Stock
(2" base, six sections, top mast 3/4")
Well the price is quite different from preview ones as it cost 250USD + shipping but the performance seems to be the class higher and also reports sounds pretty good. You will have what You paid...
Mike, W4EF wrote about that:
I bought one of these Wonder Pole recently to hold up the far end of my top loading wire for my 160 meter inverted-L.
It is a bit flimsy when fully extended to 40', but not so bad that it wouldn't hold if my top loading wire without guying. If you partially extend each telescoping section the mast is pretty stiff. The great thing is that each section has a knurled twist-lock so the sections won't collapse if there is significant vertical load. I keep my extended about 20' in case the Santa Ana winds kick up while I am at work. If I want to do some serious topbanding, I can have it fully extended to 40' in a few minutes (mine is setup on my 2nd story front-porch so the overall height is ~50' when fully extended).

I just got mine, so I can't report on longevity in the California sun and smog yet. BTW, be prepared to spend some money. These things aren't cheap.

73, Mike W4EF
OK, somebody will not like that as its a bit expensive and also it will be bended completelly in windy WX so it will not hold the wires enough...
Telescopic Wonder Pole in storm.
But if somebody would like to read more about then do not hesitate go to:
Another chance to put up Your Inverted L or another antennas is to use telescopic rods from Banax.
Not native to Australian fishing, telescopic poles are favoured by both Asian and European anglers and are now widely used in Australia. These poles are high quality, at very modest prices. As a rule of thumb the sections are generally 1m long - so 7 sections = 7 metres, 9 sections = 9m. The graphite composite sections are light and strong. Note: Telescopic poles are not warranted and replacement tubes are not available.
The only one advantage of that is the price (35USD) as the top section has few milimeters also and tickness will not be much. There is not so many informations on the web pages as its originally used for fishing but lets try to check:
The bending of that 9m pole will be probably high on the top (just few milimeters top section) when side loaded by wire but what can be helpfull is to not use last 1-2 sections (it will make just 7m height only) and use it as support of the Flag for receiving on 160m. There is 5.2m neccessary height so 6-7m pole is OK for sure.
will continue...
73, Petr OK1RP

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