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Receiving loops - part II. (comments by Tom, W8JI)

30. prosince 2006 v 19:21 | Petr, OK1RP |  Antennas
There is an unorthodox connection method shown in Merv, K9FD article.
While the loop might indeed receive signal, this would not
be a very desirable connection arrangement.

If you look, the inner wire make a complete circle with both
ends tying to the feed.

The result of this is unbalanced currents caused by physical
imperfections would primarily excite the feedline, not the
desired predictable loop currents!

A better arrangement would be the inner conductor grounded
to the loop shield at the return point through a capacitor,
so the parallel capacitor causes a high impedance parallel
circuit across the coax and the capacitor to ground causes a
series effect. The ratio of those two capacitors in
combination with resonating the center coupling wire would
set the SWR. The other circuit may work after a fashion
through accident, but it would depend on having accidental
balance errors to work.

73 Tom, W8JI
...for more information please visit web pages of Tom, W8JI on where You can find more details about the shielding, balance, impedance, feed line etc.
...will be continued

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