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The 11th Edition of the Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

13. listopadu 2006 v 18:24 | Petr, OK1RP |  Home
Ladies, Gentlemen and others,
The Boring Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce the running of the 11th edition of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge starting 1500Z December 30 and ending 1500Z December 31, 2006.
This CW contest mixes distance between the stations and transmit power to arrive at a
final score. All the rules and other cool stuff pertaining to this character building contest is found by going to:
This unique RF clash also is special in that the contesters who partake of this winter exercise also determine what amazing feats of daring-do and performance and near magic are deserving of a snazzy plaque. We also have very beautiful certificates for the deserving who rise to the top in certain areas. Stalwarts of contesting have, over the years, donated a paltry $50 to the club in order to sponsor a plaque that they feel is important to recognize some aspect of this great contest. I've recently returned from the beaches of ZL8R to find some of these stalwarts have already pledged support for this years running of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge as noted below:

KL7RA Highest Number of QSO's
W7TMT Top Score, Low Power, First time entry
KB7Q Top Score in Grid Field "DM"
N5IA Most Grid Squares worked
N7JW Top Score South of the Equator
K7CA Top Score Asiatic Russia
N0TT Top Score USA Op < 21 y/o & > 100 QSO
VK6VZ Top Score with antenna in a space < 20m X 10m winner receives an official Royal Flying Doctors of Australia cap
You also can join this group of distinguished RF slingers by simply coming up with a category, that will pass approval with the Subcommittee on Plaque Appropriateness and Smut, of The Boring Amateur Radio Club, and sending the required check to me at my CBA. Your call will be inscribed upon the plaque along with the winner of your chosen category. We even send the plaques first class mail to the winners around the world.
There are a few warm-up contests before The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge and we here at the club encourage you to participate in them whether they be single or multi band, regional, local or worldly. Ours is the best, though. Some have approached us about a packet assisted category. We feel that at least in this contest, a ham enjoying the contest should be singularely competent enough to actually find another station to work long with then attempting to work him/her/it. Spotters of the Hams enjoying this contest disrespect what we're attempting to do as they disrespect themselves. There are plenty of other contests where packet is played so try it may like the increased sense of self actualization when it is all done.
More missives from The Club as the date draws near, the sponsors list grows and the tension mounts.
73 and I remain, Lew W7EW / W7AT I hope that more TOP banders will join specialy from Europe to make fun on the band. As one of my good TOP band friend said "do not waste Your time on another bands if You can make the challenge on TOP band...", hi.
73, Petr OK1RP

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