Top band DX-ing is real ham radio challenge. 160m is also referred as the "Gentleman's band"...
160 meters - DX-ing on the Edge...

Libya, 5A7A on the air

20. listopadu 2006 v 17:32 | Petr, OK1RP |  Band reports
After some years of silence, an international team
will activate Libya for ham radio.
We are on the air from
November 15th- 29th2006.
The goals of the Dxpedition are
  • to support the development of ham radio in Libya
  • to activate a rare countryon all bands and modesincl. digital modes and FM
  • To perform more than 50,000 QSOs
  • to take part in CQWWDX contest CW
  • to give you the prefix 5A7
  • to set the focus on "long distance DX" like W6/7, JA, VK, etc.
  • to serve the lowbands
News from currently on-going 5A7A DX-pedition to Libya...
November 20Still no Internet DSL modem available at 5A7A so please QRX for the logs.
November 19All antennas are up and the pileups are huge. Camp #1 has 3 stations, Camp #2 has 4 stations running. There is hardly any interference between the stations. We had more than 20,000 QSOs in the log on Sunday morning.
All of the team members are happy and everything is still going very well.
We also tried to make use of the Meteor Scatter season on 6m / 2m.
Still no Internet DSL modem available so please QRX once more for the online log search.
November 18We now have a DSL Internet line but not yet a DSL modem. We hope to get it today so that we are able to upload the logs and pictures.
All antennas are up which includes a 3 ele 40m Spiderbeam, a 4-square for 40m on a flat roof, a 80m 4-square at the beach and the 160m vertical. All of the equipment is working perfectly.
Attention: Yes, we can run two stations simultaneously on the same band!
We had very good JA runs on 20m long path and North America on 160 and 80. We try W6 tonight via long path.
Falk, DK7YY, arrives today. On Wednesday K3LP and DL8YHR leave and will be replaced by DK2DO and DK8FD.
November 17We had some delays here with our plans but almost everything is running well here and everybody is doing fine. We came on the air yesterday at noon with the first antennas - 2 Spider Beams and a 5m high (low) dipole for 160m.
Today we build most of the rest of the antennas, a 80 and 40m 4-square, the 160m vertical and a few more antennas. On 160m we are having strong QRM caused from a nearby BC transmitter. But we are confident to resolve the problems with our receiving antennas.
We are probably going to get internet access tomorrow which means that we can provide the first online log most probably then. Weather is sunny and we have temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius.
November 165A7A came on the air today at noon. The team made it successfully through customs with some 1.2 tons of equipment. There are some minor problems at the hotel which should be resolved soon. Also K3LP and K1LZ are in the country now after some initial problems with the visas.
Actual situation on 160m reported on ...
9H1SP 1821.2 5A7A thanks 9th qso up 3 1621 20 Nov
YO5TP-@ 1821.5 5A7A TNX QSO 1617 20 Nov
IZ1BII 1821.4 5A7A wkd up 3 tnx 1617 20 Nov
ON4MA 1821.4 5A7A QSX 1824.17 good ears 1602 20 Nov
UA6JFG-@ 1821.2 5A7A qsx up3,new1! 1559 20 Nov
RN4ACQ 1821.4 5A7A CQ up 1558 20 Nov
More and updated info as equipment used on 160m and others You can catch ontheir web
As their setup for 160m is good and operators and quite experienced seems to be easy to catch them specialy from EU. Have a good fun in the pile-up.
73, Petr OK1RP

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | E-mail | 22. listopadu 2006 v 22:58 | Reagovat

I am copying 5A7A now 22:56U on 1821.5kHz 599+ on linear loaded Inv.V up 6m only.

73, Petr OK1RP

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