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K2 vs. RX Beverage ext. antenna

12. listopadu 2006 v 9:14 | Petr, OK1RP |  Technical topics
for all who are using their K2 for 160m DXing with external RX antennas will be interesting that article from Ken, K0PP as follows:
A word of caution ...

I severely damaged the RX antenna RF stage of my FT-1000D due
to RF coupling from the TX antenna (1KW, 160M) into the RX antenna.
I later measured the induced RF voltage with a 'scope ... it was many
volts. Some commercial (marine) receivers have lamps in series with
the RX input for protection ... others have pico-fuses.

I realize this situation didn't involve a K2, but I'd be VERY careful.
I've since installed an external RX protection box on both my radios
RX antenna inputs.

Someone mentioned a 47 ohm resistor or an RF choke from the antenna
connector to ground. I have this arrangement on my open-wire feeders
where they enter the shack. Dry blowing dust or snow can build up a
considerable charge on the antenna and find a path to ground somewhere...

I mentioned marine receivers above ... Saint Elmo's Fire is a common
event at sea ... when you see your ship's antenns(s) "glowing" in the
dark you know why those protection lamps are there. (:-)) Bzzzzt!

73! Ken Kopp - K0PP
(orig. published on TOP band reflector)

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1 Petr, OK1RP Petr, OK1RP | Web | 12. ledna 2007 v 18:22 | Reagovat


does anybody know about the same problem with K2 in the practice? Will be great to see any good modification for that pb...

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